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Are you buying a new vehicle and want to finance it through WECU? CUDL (Credit Union Direct Lending) means fewer steps and less hassle for your purchasing vehicles—plus the same great WECU rates!

With CUDL you apply for your loan and sign all of your WECU loan documents at the dealership. CUDL expedites the entire vehicle purchase, allow-ing you to process all your paperwork on site through your financial institution of choice— WECU!


One-stop shopping and financing at the dealer: Now you can apply for and sign your loan paperwork at the same time you purchase your vehicle.

Same Rates: The same great WECU loan rates that you’d receive in our branches are available when you apply for our financing through the dealership.

WECU servicing on you loan: If you have questions about your loan, you can talk to a WECU employee during business hours at any of our 11 branch location in Whatcom County, or through our live call center.

Not a member? No problem! Now the dealership can open a WECU account for you*! and your Washington state dealership of choice—true one-stop shopping for your next vehicle!

*Borrowers with no score must visit a WECU branch to open an account